Thursday, September 10, 2015

Hidden Sight Words and a Freebie!

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How do your kids learn sight words? They are so tricky but so necessary for emergent readers to learn! As teachers we teach reading strategies like: look at the picture, sound it out, skip the tricky word and come back...THEN they encounter the word said...ugh! Next thing you know the reader is frustrated and loses all comprehension of what they just read.

Today I want to share with you one way my emergent readers learn sight words. It has been magical...they are so engaged! My students eyes light up when they see their name next to the Sight Word Word Work center card. They even choose this activity during Social Time and Fun Friday.

At the beginning of the year when I first introduce the center I play up what a detective does.  Detectives inspect all evidence carefully, they use the clues to solve problems. Detectives are hard workers, they use a HAND LENS! There is something magical to a child about holding a hand lens.
This is how I organize them so students have all the supplies they need

First I  model exactly how a Star Student works this center. Then we practice together. I print a black and white copy of the same hidden sight word page so we can talk about the process of our work.
You-whooo where are you? 

This is such a meaningful practice because as my students find the hidden sight words they must inspect the letters carefully to figure out where to write it in the word shape boxes. I have created an opportunity for them to really study the letters to learn the sight word in an engaging way. #winning

After they find and write all the words, they use at least one new sight word in a sentence at the bottom of their paper.

This center never ends because my detectives clean off their practice page and grab a new one. Each set of cards will be in the center for the month so my kids can master reading and spelling 25 new words. By the end of the year my detectives have analyzed and mastered learning 220 sight words!

If you are interested in trying this with your class, you can download a FREE sample and a badge {HERE}
Sight Words Badge Freebie

I have 9 months completed and in my TpT shop. You can grab a month or bundle! Click the picture or {HERE} to see more!

How do you practice sight words in your class? How do you keep them engaged? Do your kids love wearing badges too?

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  1. Hi, how do you make this? I would like to make it for word work center. This is awesome