Sunday, May 17, 2015

Social Time!

Hello There!

It's crunch time!! I have 13 days of school to go and a list sooooo long I wonder how it will get done?!!

A few weeks back I posted on Instagram and Facebook  a picture of my sweet kids during our morning "Social Time." 

Reading Together Partner Plays

This guy was patient while his buddies outlined his body!

I love that these girls are playing with "Matchbox" cars! 


I'm not sure if your school is like mine but my kids "filter in" to the classroom in the morning as they arrive. They are allowed to be dropped off by bus or carpool up to 30 minutes before school starts each morning. 

This is much different than what happened when I taught in California. In every school I worked at previously, students met at the playground and "socialized" before the bell rang and they lined up to walk to the classroom and start their day. 

So when I started teaching in North Carolina, I was stumped. I asked so many teachers, "What do you have your kids do before school starts?" Most of them responded some variation of morning work. So I tried it. 

Every morning  I put our some Printing Practice morning work for my students to work on as they "filtered in." 
Printing Practice Morning Work 
 And EVERY MORNING I said, "Get to work, stop talking, if you are finished do a quiet activity, find a book to read"....blah blah blah. #FRUSTRATION

Then it hit me! As adults we need time to socialize before the start of our day, meetings, bible study etc. We never get right to work! 

So I started "Social Time" in my classroom. I pretty much let them do whatever they'd like to do. Students play, talk, write, and read together. I just have one rule of safety. 

I LOVE listening in on their conversations.
I LOVE seeing their collaboration efforts. 

I LOVE that they are happier and having the time to share the things that are most important with their peers. 

I also LOVE that I don't have to spend my morning redirecting behaviors so we have a good start to the day. #WINNING

Now when social time is over, my kids get right to work until the morning announcements are over and we start our morning meeting together! 

Thanks for reading....I'd love for you to leave a comment below...How do you start your day? Do you have any ideas I could add to my social time?