Saturday, February 21, 2015

Giveaway Winners! ~Still Dreaming of Spring!

Hello There!

I hope you are having a relaxing Saturday morning. I had to double check my calendar to make sure it was really you know if you have been following me on Instagram or Facebook, I have been out of school for 4 snow days! This former California girl is trying not to worry so much about making the days up, but rather just enjoying the time with my hubby and sweet Ella!

*SNOW* much fun!!!

 I am excited to giveaway 3 packs of my New Write the Room~ Spring Edition!

Check your emails!

I am truly hoping I will get to go back to school on Monday. We were supposed to have a snow make-up day today, but the canceled school day make-up day was CANCELED! True story!!

So, I am still #dreamingofspring and created March Hidden Sight Words for my firsties...I just hope they are as excited for spring to come as I am!

Leave a comment below...Have you been dreaming of spring? How many snow days have you had this year?  Do you think I will really get to go back to school on Monday?

I hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend, think warm thoughts for me please!

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  1. Thank you for this giveaway, what a fun idea! No snow here, I'm in South Reno, 25 minutes away from Lake Tahoe, which needs a lot more snow to avoid the drought!
    cs_cooper at hotmail dot com