Friday, September 26, 2014

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Hooray for Friday!

Hooray for making it thru another week of school! (I hope routines and procedures are all starting to settle in and you are beginning to get to teach your kiddos some meat)

Hooray for 3 winners of Write the Room~ Fall Simple Sentences, thanks to everyone for visiting my blog and all your comments ...I hope you all will come back soon to collaborate!!! :)

My daughter Ella LOVES to be involved in everything...sometimes I just can't get her off my tail...(who am I kidding, I love every moment with her :) So I let her do the picking...perfect for a kindergartener who is learning to count to 100. I told her to pick 3 numbers and circle them to get a few winners for Mama! She circled 10, 55, and 56 and proceeded to dance around my office singing, "Winner, winner, chicken dinner!" #Ihavenoideawhereshegetsthatfrom Of course after we celebrated we worked on number recognition of random numbers thru 100! :)

Mrs. Webb, Mary K., and Lori R. check your email. For the rest of you, because I am in such a happy, chicken dancing mood the pack is on sale through Sunday!

Again, thanks for playing and reading along!

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Write the Room~ Differentiated Sentences!

Hi There!

Can you believe it...tomorrow will bring the 1st day of Fall?! You would never know that with the hot 80+ degree temperatures expected this week in NC! This week is my last week off track and my sweet Ella and I have a few pool playdates lined up for this week....
Who doesn't LOVE their own personal 10 foot waterslide?!

Anyhow, I have been working on lots of fun home projects while I have been off track...painting, buying decor from HomeGoods, returning decor to HomeGoods...HA! But I have also been working of teaching materials for my sweet first graders.

I am excited to introduce a new literacy activity to my students when we track in next week. Write the Room~Differentiated Sentences {Fall Edition}. I know they will EAT.IT.UP!

Who doesn't like to grab a clip board and go on a hunt around the classroom for cute picture cards with sentences that he or she can read?

I made these differentiated sentences centered around high interest Fall topics: back to school, Fall sports, harvest, Fall animals, Thanksgiving, and of course Halloween! 

There are two versions of each sentence. I teach my students that just like Good Fit Books, we must pick a sentence that is a Good Fit for ourselves. 

I made sure to use varying sentence types (declarative, interrogative, and exclamatory). In addition,
each sentence has varied basic sight words to practice. My students need this kind of reading practice with picture support at this time of the year. 

simple sentences 

advanced sentences 

I also want my students even at the emergent reading level, to practice reading fluently. I have added a few check boxes at the bottom of the paper to remind my students once they have finished writing the room to practice reading the sentences to themselves and quietly to a friend.

I know they will love to show off their reading skills to their peers, but more importantly, they will be practicing reading (and their friend will be listening and reading along)!!!! TA-DAA so much bang for your buck...I love it!

****Updated GIVEAWAY CLOSED******
I would love to give 3 packs away to random winners. I will pick them on Friday. Just leave me a comment with your email! 

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Forever grateful to all those who are serving or have served our great country. God Bless America!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Sharing and Cheers!

Hi There!

How was your weekend? It was sooooo nice to have today off, it felt like a mini vacay!

Tomorrow I head back to school for 4 more days until track out! Woo hoo! I teach in a year round school and we began the new year on July 8th. It seems so looonnnggg ago! My little sweeties have learned so much about The Winter Way being big 1st graders, that procedures and working independently are so much smoother!

My school has implemented the Daily 5 model to teach literacy. In my class we call it the "Daily 3" because students will do 2 literacy centers and read to self each day while I teach small groups.

I believe students can learn a lot (sometimes more) from each other. Each day before releasing my students to their centers I have the group who wrote stories the day before at Work on Writing share their piece under the document camera. Then another student can ask a question or give a compliment to the writer (of course I have modeled specific, meaningful compliment types). {One trick I have found...put the center cards in a way that your highest group will write and share first to set the bar high!} My students love sharing their work, and the other students are so engaged in their model.

Once the writing has been shared and complimented, we give our classmate a cheer. Many years ago my friend Kristin blogged about Dr. Jean's cool Cheers. I have been doing them with my kiddos ever since. 1st graders eat.them.up! Honestly, they can never get enough! I even catch them cheering for each during Fun Friday!
Sample Cheer Cards

Click HERE if you want to print your own set of cheer cards for free!

Before you do you share student work? How do you and your students celebrate others?

Thanks for stopping by, have a GREAT 4 day week!