Saturday, November 15, 2014

Letter Writing

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How was your week? Are you like me and the time change has thrown you off? It seems I cannot get used to the early darkness in the evening...I feel panicked to get home because of the dark only to realize we have already eaten dinner, cleaned up and it is only 6pm! :)

Big news this daughter Ella lost her 2nd tooth! Here is the sweet letter she wrote to the tooth fairy.

Ella, age 5
Speaking of letters...this week I introduced parts of a letter to my students and made an anchor chart for students to reference for the next few weeks.
labels source

You can see more of my Friendly Letter unit I used for this anchor chart {HERE}

In honor of Veteran's Day we wrote letters to United States troops...I am hoping the sweet letters my students wrote will be delivered in time for Thanksgiving!

This letter paper is a freebie from Kristin at A Teeny Tiny Teacher .You can download this paper and others HERE.

Next week we are going to continue letter writing within our opinion writing unit. My students will be learning persuasive letter writing. They will write to our principal to state their opinion and reasons for something they would like changed at our school. I can't wait to see what they come up with....I am hoping it has something to do with chocolate for their favorite teachers!

We are also going to write to our pet dog Scruffy...he has sooo many problems for my smart students to solve! Last year my students just loved choosing a problem card and coming up with solutions. My heart smiles when they show such empathy while sharing their solutions with their classmates (Each day I have the students who wrote to Scruffy during their writing center read aloud his or her story to their classmates).

Click HERE to see more 

 You can see more about Scruffy HERE.

How has your week been?  Do you like the dark?  How do you teach letter writing in your classroom?

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  1. Too cute Christina, I love your blog! Especially the cross <3
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