Monday, September 1, 2014

Sharing and Cheers!

Hi There!

How was your weekend? It was sooooo nice to have today off, it felt like a mini vacay!

Tomorrow I head back to school for 4 more days until track out! Woo hoo! I teach in a year round school and we began the new year on July 8th. It seems so looonnnggg ago! My little sweeties have learned so much about The Winter Way being big 1st graders, that procedures and working independently are so much smoother!

My school has implemented the Daily 5 model to teach literacy. In my class we call it the "Daily 3" because students will do 2 literacy centers and read to self each day while I teach small groups.

I believe students can learn a lot (sometimes more) from each other. Each day before releasing my students to their centers I have the group who wrote stories the day before at Work on Writing share their piece under the document camera. Then another student can ask a question or give a compliment to the writer (of course I have modeled specific, meaningful compliment types). {One trick I have found...put the center cards in a way that your highest group will write and share first to set the bar high!} My students love sharing their work, and the other students are so engaged in their model.

Once the writing has been shared and complimented, we give our classmate a cheer. Many years ago my friend Kristin blogged about Dr. Jean's cool Cheers. I have been doing them with my kiddos ever since. 1st graders eat.them.up! Honestly, they can never get enough! I even catch them cheering for each during Fun Friday!
Sample Cheer Cards

Click HERE if you want to print your own set of cheer cards for free!

Before you do you share student work? How do you and your students celebrate others?

Thanks for stopping by, have a GREAT 4 day week!

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