Monday, August 18, 2014

Trajectory Lines and a Sale!

Hello There!

I am pretty darn excited I tell you! One of my teammates just shared a handy dandy new tool and now I am sharing it with you! A Trajectory!! Ok so I must admit, I had never heard the word before so I looked it up and am sharing that with you too: Trajectory: a path, progression, or line of development. 

At my school we assess our students using mCLASS assessments. I want to focus this year on making sure my students will make significant growth in reading so I made my SMART goal to reflect that ALL students would make at least 1 year's growth as determined by the trajectory map. So I have assessed all my students, plotted~ just grab the line and move it up to their BOY (beginning of the year) reading level, and started teaching to get them to move up the path of a year's growth! The black line will measure 1 year of growth, the green line measures 1.5 years growth. 
Sample Trajectory

Pretty cool Huh? I know I am really a teacher nerd who loves fun tools! You can get this to use if you want {here}

Did you hear the AH.MAZ.ING news? TpT is having a 1 day site wide sale this Wednesday!

Just in time for me...I already have a few things in my cart, one of which I know will help my first graders zoom up their trajectory line!  Have you seen Miss DeCarbo's Text Evidence Reading Passages? It is just perfect for my 1st grade friends! Students will  practice reading fluency and comprehension skills using her fiction and non-fiction passages. Last year I bought her Fall, Winter, and Spring packs and I quickly discovered how awesome they were at helping my kids to not only comprehend text but use and state evidence directly from the text to support their understanding. This is new for our students with common core and such a hard concept for many. My students got so much better at proving their thinking this last year, so naturally I have to get the Summer passages to make my set complete!

Click {here} to check out her Summer pack. 

I am off to fill my cart with other great teacher products before the big sale!. Share with me...what do you love that helps your kiddos move up the trajectory line?  Do you love handy dandy tools and a teacher nerd like me?


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