Monday, August 11, 2014

Table Captains Freebie!

Hello There!

We are 4 weeks into school now and management is getting soooo much easier! I wanted to quickly share a tip I learned from my friend Kristin from  A Teeny Tiny Teacher .
First Graders love to help and we love for them to help right? (Can you bring me my...go get my keys...get the paper off the floor....tie Brandon's shoes... It is like I have 24 eager little worker bees in my room!

I have tables rather than desks in my room so I have 1 table captain per table who can check, pass out stuff and boss around  help their teammates.

My kids LOVE wearing special stickers, badges etc. So I went to Office Max and purchased these see thru badges and shirt clips see link then I made these cute cards to insert into the badges.
Finished Badge...Cutie wearing it proudly!

I like to mount them on colored construction paper to match with my table group names, (red table, orange table...etc) before putting them in the plastic badges, then if one gets lost, the kids can return it to the correct table group.
I also put my name on them so if a child leaves one behind somewhere, (not that THAT has ever happened) the "finder" can return it to our class. 
I made these using KG What the Teacher Wants font click here to download for free for personal use. Or you can highlight and change the font to whatever is your fancy!

Edit and Print!

Here is the link to the table captains (editable)  freebie  :) Enjoy!

Share a quick management tip below, what makes your classroom run smoothly??

Ok, off to snuggle my sweet baby girl and get ready for the rest of the week! :)


  1. In love with the badges!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Are these Table Captain badges available any longer? I tried clicking on the link, but it says they're no longer available. I'd love to use them in my classroom this year. Thanks!!

    1. Hi Michelle, I updated the link, it should work now! :)